Congratulations to all of our undergrads this year.  What a great job.  Within CBE, our “Electrochemical CO2 Capture from Power Plants” project finished in second place and our Duracell-sponsored “Recycling of Primary Alkaline Batteries” project placed first!

The CO2 capture project looked at the economic feasibility of capturing CO2 from our groups’ carbonate-based technology at the power plant scale.  Thank you to Chris Capuano and others at Proton OnSite for helping us with some of the costing.  In the end, the group was able to set performance targets for the cell to make the cost-competitive.  Honestly, they will be tough to achieve!  All of our team members – Connor Lewis, Colin Gerrity, Jonathan Klein and David Cowles – deserve a round of applause.  They did an incredible amount of high quality work this year.

For the Duracell project, Hanna Soucie, Christiane Nguyen, Helen Nguon and Paul Petraca did an amazing job this year.  They designed a brand new battery recycling plant from scratch and were able to price several configuration and implementation scenarios.  They also worked diligently in the lab and actually qualified the process on a laboratory scale.  Great work by the team.  Thank you to Duracell for the sponsorship (we’ve won with their project 3 years in a row now!!), and thank you to our colleagues at Duracell – Abbey Wangstrom and Fan Zhang – for your technical help this year.  We could not do this without you!!!