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Aug. 2017 – Mustain Group Leaves UConn for University of South Carolina

After 9 great years at UConn, my group has moved to the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. Please update your address books. My new email address is

Thank you very much and have a good day!


Bill Mustain

July 2017 – Prof. Mustain Quoted in Chemistry World Article on CO2 Conversion to Methane

Here’s the link to the article by Kira Welter:


June 2017 – Alessandro Palmieri wins first prize in Solid State Ionics 21 Poster Session

Congratulations to Alex!  Great job!!  I know that he worked hard to get the poster together and it showed.  There was a crowd around his poster all night: “Composite Metal Oxide/Nanocarbon Materials as High Performance Anodes for Next-Generation Autmobile Li-Ion Batteries”.  What a way to cap off a great trip to Padua!!

May 2017 – Mustain group published in J. Power Sources shows record AEMFC performance – OPEN ACCESS

Get the article here:


April 2017 – Mustain groups dominate Senior Design Day

Congratulations to all of our undergrads this year.  What a great job.  Within CBE, our “Electrochemical CO2 Capture from Power Plants” project finished in second place and our Duracell-sponsored “Recycling of Primary Alkaline Batteries” project placed first!

The CO2 capture project looked at the economic feasibility of capturing CO2 from our groups’ carbonate-based technology at the power plant scale.  Thank you to Chris Capuano and others at Proton OnSite for helping us with some of the costing.  In the end, the group was able to set performance targets for the cell to make the cost-competitive.  Honestly, they will be tough to achieve!  All of our team members – Connor Lewis, Colin Gerrity, Jonathan Klein and David Cowles – deserve a round of applause.  They did an incredible amount of high quality work this year.

For the Duracell project, Hanna Soucie, Christiane Nguyen, Helen Nguon and Paul Petraca did an amazing job this year.  They designed a brand new battery recycling plant from scratch and were able to price several configuration and implementation scenarios.  They also worked diligently in the lab and actually qualified the process on a laboratory scale.  Great work by the team.  Thank you to Duracell for the sponsorship (we’ve won with their project 3 years in a row now!!), and thank you to our colleagues at Duracell – Abbey Wangstrom and Fan Zhang – for your technical help this year.  We could not do this without you!!!

Jan. 2017 – Prof. Mustain gives invited talk at Nanoscale Components, Inc.

Thank you to George, Jose and everyone else on the team for a great visit on the 5th.  They have a really unique, VERY low cost, process for pre-lithiating electrodes.  This has a lot of potential.  If you get a chance, check them out!

Jan. 2017 – Ehsan Faegh passes qualifying exam

Congratulations to our first year graduate student, Ehsan.  Great work!

Dec. 2016 – Prof. Mustain gives invited talk at AEMFC workshop in Wuhan, China

Wonderful workshop put together by Prof. Lin Zhuang – excellent group of scientists and engineers.  It was great to discuss what everyone is doing – HOR/HER alkaline electrocatalysis, membrane chemistry, durability, water management, etc.  Learned a lot to bring back to the group at UConn.

aem_wuhan_group     mustain_talking

Nov. 2016 – New AEM paper published with Prof. John Varcoe at Univ. Surrey

I had a great time with John’s group during my Fulbright Scholar Fellowship this past summer.  We did some really great work together that will be starting to come out soon.  Here is the first salvo that his postdoc Lianqin led and did a great job:

The paper can be found directly here:!divAbstract

Enjoy! Please reach out to us with any questions!!

Nov. 2016 – New JES OPEN ACCESS article on advances PEM MEA fabrication

Really good PEM performance with low-cost lab scale system:

Fabrication of High Performing PEMFC Catalyst-Coated Membranes with a Low Cost Air-Assisted Cylindrical Liquid Jets Spraying SystemElectrochemical Engineering

  • Xiong Peng,
  • Travis Omasta,
  • William Rigdon,
  • William E. Mustain

J. Electrochem. Soc. 2016 163(14): E407E413;doi:10.1149/2.0981614jes