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Principle Investigator


Prof. William E. Mustain

Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Honors and Awards

  • Fulbright Scholar Fellowship
  • Electrochemical Society Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award
  • CQIA Platinum Innovation Prize (Shared with R. Maric, C.B. Carter and J. Roller)
  • DOE Early Career Award
  • Illinois Institute of Technology Young Alumni Award


Visiting Scholars


Yufeng Zhang

Interests and Activities:

  • Synthesis and characterization of metal carbides and oxides as novel electrocatalytic materials.
  • Nanomaterials for applications in fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Microfluidic devices to recreate the biological interactions with termite digestive tract.


Research Faculty

Sujan 1

Sujan Shrestha, Ph.D.

Interests and Activities:

  • New paradigms in electrocatalysis design for electrocatalysis of carbon-based molecules
  • Electrochemical instabilities far from equilibrium
  • Reversible/non-reversible electrochemical phase changes
  • Personal Interests: Food and movies


Graduate Students

Ehsan Faegh

Ehsan Faegh

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran, 2016

Interests and activities:

  • Zn corrosion and gassing in alkaline batteries
  • New ionic liquids for lithium-based batteries
  • Playing soccer, watching movie and traveling


profession picture Travis

Travis J. Omasta

B.S., Applied Mathematics – University of Connecticut, 2006
B.S., Biological Sciences – University of Connecticut, 2006

Interests and Activities:

  • Vast scientific fields from electrochemical to biological application and quantum physics
  • Research topics include water and anion transport in electrochemical devices, including hydroxide and carbonate AEMFCs, carbonate based CO2 separation, electrolytic synthesis of fuels, and alkaline batteries.
  • Have many musical interests currently playing trumpet, guitar, and singing with a rock cover band playing at local venues.


Alessandro 1

Alessandro Palmieri

M.S., Chemical Engineering – Politechnico di Milano, 2015
M.S., Chemical Engineering -University of Connecticut, 2014
B.S., Chemical Engineering – Politechnico di Milano, 2012

Interests and Activities:

  • Development and study of new Metal Oxide Anodes/ Graphene Oxide supported for High stability/High Performance Li ion Batteries
  • Development of New catalyst Pt free for ethanol oxidation in direct ethanol fuel cells
  • Bioelectrochemical sensors and their applications
  • Hobbies: play guitar, soccer, cards and videogames


xiong peng

Xiong Peng

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Dalian University, 2014

Interests and Activities:

  • Advanced catalysts for oxygen reduction
  • Novel electrocatalyst supports
  • Reading and basketball


Undergraduate Students

Alex Oliveira Photo

Alexandra Oliveira

Interests and Activities:

  • Improving batteries and energy storage materials
  • Anode materials for Lithium-ion batteries
  • Music, hiking, and outdoor sports



Benjamin Ng

Interests and Activities:

  • Research: High capacity transition metal oxide anodes in full Li-ion batteries
  • Future Goals: Developing stable nanostructured polymer electrolytes for pure Li-metal batteries
  • Interests:  Global public health & Water brigades, Other NGOs, Soccer, Archery


Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores

Interests and Activities:

  • Interests include fuel cells and electroplating
  • Currently working on a device that implements anion exchange membranes in order to strip CO2 from Flue gases
  • Enjoys baking and hikingsearch: High capacity transition metal oxide anodes in full Li-ion batteries


ConnorLewis1 (1)

Conner Lewis

Interests and Activities:
  • Anion exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Electrochemical CO2 separation and utilization
  • Amateur blacksmith



Erick Bailey

Interests and Activities:
  • Electrocatalysts for Alkaline Fuel Cells
  • Generation of sustainable energy through electrochemical processes
  • Participating in community service projects, ultimate frisbee, and working outnion exchange membrane fuel cells



Hanna Soucie

Interests and Activities:

  • Electrochemical methods to sustainable energy on the industrial scale
  • Improving battery performance with material and geometric considerations
  • Personal interests include single sculling and traveling



Robert Ernst

Interests and Activities:

  • Testing of new anode materials to improve battery capacity and efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness of sustainable and renewable energy
  • Ultimate Frisbee



Said El-Bakhar

Interests and Activities:

  • Electrochemical CO2 Capture from Power Plants
  • Improvement of both Catalyst and anion exchanges membrane materials
  • Still life delineation with charcoal


Thomas_Baccaro (2)

Thomas Baccaro

Interests and Activities:

  • Anode materials for alkaline batteries
  • Hydrogen production from photoelectrochemical water splitting
  • Golfing enthusiast


Recent Graduates

Sujan Shrestha, Ph.D. – Postoctoral Fellow, City College New York

Neil Spinner, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Naval Research Lab

Jose A. Vega, Ph.D. – Principle Scientist, Physical Sciences, Inc.

Shuai Zhao, Ph.D. – Giner Inc.

Haoran Yu, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow

Greg. Crettol, M.S. – Professor, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Mark Williams, M.S. – Food Applications Engineer, Gerber

Leia Dwyer, B.S. – Ph.D. Student, MIT

Michael Ignatowich, B.S. – Ph.D. Student, Caltech

Nicholas Morse, B.S. – Ph.D. Student, Univ. Texas – Austin

Sasha Asheghi, B.S. – Applications Chemical Engineer, Sleep Innovations

Casey Chartier, B.S. – Lab Engineering, Cambrian Innovation

Molly Chhiv, B.S. – Urethanes Engineering, Chemtura

Jonathan Goldman, B.S. – Manufacturing Engineer, Proton OnSite

Shawna Smith, B.S. – Production Engineer, ATMI

Abbey Wangstrom, B.S. – Duracell