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Posters & Presentations

Broad dissemination of knowledge does not just occur in publication form; presentations and postersare an integral part of how we let the community know what we are doing.  In that spirit, please enjoy the collection of invited talks, seminars, conference presentations and posters that are shown below.  Just click on the title.  Sorry for some of the formatting – one of the pitfalls of converting PPT files to PDF.  As always, feedback is welcome!



Advanced Carbonate Exchange Membrane Electrochemical Cells to Reduce CO2 Emissions – Presented by Prof. Mustain in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials at Newcastle University, UK.  May 2016.

Brief Overview of M*LEAF RESEARCH– Presented by Prof. Mustain to visitors from the Tokyo University of Science. September 2013

Near Room Temperature Electrochemical Upgrading of Methane to Oxygenate Fuels – Presented by Prof. Mustain at the DOE Catalysis Science Meeting in Annapolis, MD.  July 2015

Metal Oxide Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries – Presented by Prof. Mustain to the Advanced Battery Group and Ford Motor Company.  July 2015

Advances, Challenges and Opportunities for Anion Exchange Membrane Electrochemical Cells – Department Seminar given by Prof. Mustain in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University, October 2014

Identical Location TEM Studies on Conductivity vs. Structure in Metal Oxide Anodes– Presented by Prof. Mustain at the 225th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Orlando, FL.  May 2014

Purposeful Utilization of Carbonate Anions in AEM-Based Devices – Invited talk by Prof. Mustain at the 7th Annual Bishop’s Lodge Workshop on Materials for Energy Conversion. November 2013

Exploring the Activity and Stability Limits for Pt/ITO ORR Electrocatalysts  – Presented by Prof. Mustain at the 224th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society in San Francisco, CA.  October 2013

Influence of Designer Catalysts Supports on the Activity and Stability of Pt in PEM Fuel Cells  – Invited seminar in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M.  October 2013



Effect of Nickel Oxide Synthesis Conditions on its Electrochemical Behavior in Alkaline Media  – Presented by Neil Spinner at the 219th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Montreal, Canada.  1st Place, Electrochemical Science and Technology Poster Session.   May 2011

High Activity, High Stability Pt/ITO Fuel Cell Catalysts  – Presented by Abbey Wangstrom at Northeast Regional AIChE Conference.  Second Place.  April 2014