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Nov. 2016 – Mustain group welcomes Dr. Sujan Shrestha as an Assistant Research Professor

Nov. 2016 – Prof. Mustain gives invited talk at De Nora Tech

Thank you to Tyler, Vivek and the rest of the team for the invitation to present our work in your 5th annual research symposium.  It was great and I look forward to all of our interactions in the future!

Oct. 2016 – Pt-Ni nanocage PEM catalyst work published in Applied Catalysis B

Great job by Xiong Peng and the team.  Enjoy!


July 2016 – Prof. Mustain gives invited talk at the STFC Batteries Network Annual Meeting

Thank you to Paul Shearing from UCL for the invitation to share our Identical-Location TEM and Metal Oxide Anode battery work. It was a great 2 days – wonderful conference!


June 2016 – Prof. Mustain gives invited seminar at Imperial College London

What a great visit!  Thank you very much Camille Petit for organizing!!


May 2016 – Mustain group Li-ion battery work published in Scientific Reports – OPEN ACCESS

Here, we look at the influence of metal doping in SnO2 capacity retention and rate capability.  Enjoy!

Article Link:

Full Reference:  Y. Liu, A. Palmieri, J. He, Y. Meng, N. Beauregard, S.L. Suib and W.E. Mustain, “Highly Conductive In-SnO2/RGO Nano-Heterostructures with Improved Lithium-Ion Battery Performance”, Scientific Reports, 6  (2016) 25860; doi: 10.1038/srep25860


May 2016 – Prof. Mustain gives invited lecture at Newcastle University, UK

Thank you to Keith Scott and colleagues for the invitation and great visit.  You can find a copy of the presentation here: Advanced Carbonate Exchange Membrane Electrochemical Cells to Reduce CO2 Emissions


April 2016 – Prof. Mustain named UTC Professor of Engineering Innovation

On April 26, 2016, the University of Connecticut recognized the work that Prof. Mustain and his group has done over the past 8 years and named him one of seven United Technologies Corporation Professors of Engineering Innovation across the UConn School of Engineering.

This endowed position was awarded by an independent committee based on research productivity and impact, teaching and service.  The chaired position term is for three years.  The UTC professorships were established in 2008, and are one of the highest honors that the UConn School of Engineering bestows on mid-career faculty.

April 2016 – New EChem. CO2 Capture Work Published

This work leverages our collaborations with Mike Hickner at Penn State, John Varcoe at the  University of Surrey and Kathy Ayers at Proton OnSite.  Enjoy!


April 2016 – Prof. Mustain begins UK Fulbright

Prof. Mustain will be in the UK for the summer of 2016 working with John Varcoe at the University of Surrey on AEM devices for CO2 capture, as well as AEM Fuel Cells!